About Membership

The Chamber offers members quality programs that help them grow and succeed, such as referrals and business promotion opportunities. As the largest Chamber in Eastern Jackson County, our members benefit from the networking and collaboration of 1,000+ member- businesses. Have questions or need a bit more information? Contact the Chamber office at (816) 524-2424.

We are Tied Together

The Chamber is your gateway to the business community in Eastern Jackson County. This thriving network of business professionals aligned through mutual goals, interests, and entrepreneurship. 

Applications & Rates

Below are the current rates and membership applications.
If you have questions, please contact Lisa Frogge, Director of Membership, at (816) 524-2424.

Your Membership Investment

Your membership investment is determined by two factors:

  • the type of firm or organization (Standard Business Category or Special Investment Category )
  • the number of Full-Time equivalent Employees (FTE’s) 

Standard Business Category

If your company does not fall into a Special investment category, your annual recurring membership rate will be determined by the number of your FTE’s. Please see the chart below under Standard Business Category, to find your annual rate.  New memberships will require a one-time $25 enrollment fee upon application. Each $395 investment will include one representative as the directory contact.

About Employee Participation

All employees of a member business can participate in Chamber events. Employees who wish to be listed in the directory and receive mailings can be added as additional representatives for $165 annually.  See exceptions for the professional category listed below.

Investment Categories

Annual Membership Rates are listed below

Standard Business Category 

Your annual investment is based on Full Time Employees

1–5 $395
6–10 $460
11–15 $515
16–25 $595
26–50 $665
51–75 $800
76–100 $950
101–150 $1,245
151–200 $1,365
201–300 $1,770
301–400 $2,030
401–500 $2,305
501–600 $2,645
601–750 $2,915
Over 750 $3,215

Plus a one-time $25 enrollment fee.

Special Investment Categories

Banks & Financial Institutions:

Starting at $970, based on $25 per million dollars in deposits in Lee’s Summit.  Branches may be added for $200 each. All assets combined. 

Utility Companies:


Churches Or Civic Organizations:



$195 (can have NO business affiliations, this is ideal for members who are retired)

Multiple Locations of Same Business with Same Owner:

All employees at all locations must be combined for employee count.  Each additional location listed is $200.

Plus a one-time $25 enrollment fee.