Springtime is the perfect time to prepare for the coming months of enjoying the outdoors – including your own outdoor space! Ambitious weekend warriors may be able to tackle projects on their own, but depending on the project you may or may not have the needed equipment in your tool shed. That’s where equipment rentals come in handy. We reached out to John Coleman of Coleman Equipment to talk projects and which rental equipment is best for the job. While some tools are worth investing in, sometimes renting the tool you need is the way to go. We are tackling five common springtime projects and the tools you need to get the job done!

Landscaping for beauty and use in your yard can be done. Everything from a new patio space, built-in fire pit, seasonal flowers and new plants – all will make your yard more inviting and functional. The backbreaking work of moving dirt and yard debris can be signaficiantly reduced with the use of a compact utility loader. “For landscaping of all kinds, our compact utility loader is a great tool. It is a walk-behind piece of equipment with a variety of attachments for all different jobs,” says Coleman Equipment owner, John Coleman.
Helpful Equipment: Compact Utility Loader

Stump Removal
Sometimes new landscaping means rethinking or removing current trees, shrubs or other plants. While some can be simply removed, others will require extra machinery to get the job done.

As you plan which items you wish to remove and determine if the job is DIY capable, keep in mind the size of the plant or tree. If the item is larger than 12 inches in diameter, it’s probably time to contact a professional. Smaller than 12 inches? Look for a small or medium stump grinder to do the work!
Helpful Equipment: Stump Grinder

Concrete Repair
Driveways feel the hit from winter weather freezing and thawing, salt eating at the surface, and overall years of use. Whether a full new drive or partial replacement, consider making it happen before another season of wear and tear. A Concrete Cutoff Saw is helpful for partial replacement in order to cut a clean area for refill of concrete.
Helpful Equipment: Concrete Cutoff Saw


Retaining Walls and re-grading can be protection for your house from all the springtime rain. If you have seen the mini river flowing through your yard, next to the house, or toward the house, it’s time to consider re-grading your yard or building a dual functioning retaining wall. Water may be good for plants and grass, but it is not good for your home foundation. Make sure your yard is directing the flow of all rain water away from your house and not tearing up your yard.
A retaining wall can be a creative element in your landscape, acting functionally in a hilly yard and aesthetically to add interest and more useful spaces.
Helpful Equipment: Compact Track Loader


Aerating is a great springtime project when the ground is thawed and ready for grass to grow. Utilize a walk-behind or ride-on aerator and pop those “yard corks” out and let your yard feel the fresh air and encourage healthy growth in the coming months.
Helpful Equipment: ExMark Stand-on Aerator