Riding the Hoverboard of Life

Misty HughesTBD

Hopping on a hoverboard can seem somewhat daunting, so we play it safe and choose not to risk it. After all, we might fail and get hurt in the process.

In this session, Misty will help the audience understand the benefit of hopping on the hoverboard of life. In addition, Misty will guide women through some basic steps to successfully accomplish the forward movement we all long for.

Coach, Speaker, Author, Consultant Misty Hughes empowers and educates women throughout the world as the CEO of Lead-Her Ministries, LLC, partnering with women who are ready to DISCOVER, DEFINE, and DEVELOP the leader within. Misty believes that every woman is called and created for leadership and teaches them to develop in self-leadership, mature as a leader of her family, and excel in her other spheres of influence.
Wed 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm
24 max