Five Money Questions for Women

Kelly TateTBD

Provides an in-depth look at the "Four Pillars of the New Retirement" (health, family, purpose, and finances). Empowers attendees to think through their own circumstances, goals, and challenges so they can take action today that impacts their quality of life when they get to retirement.

Kelly A. Tate, CLU® ChFC® is a Kansas City Metropolitan area financial advisor. Kelly has been with Edward Jones (a 100 year old financial services firm) for 14 years. Kelly specializes in partnering with women investors and couples where the woman wants to be involved in their financial life by getting to know her clients as people and understanding their individual, family, and business goals. Money isn't everything. It IS a vehicle to help you achieve your goals and Kelly helps her clients refine their vision, build and execute their strategy and partners with them to keep them on track as life happens.
Wed 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm
24 max